Dual LED Obstruction Light

Dual LED Obstruction Light fixture with two red globe covers, includes 3/4" x 2" pipe nipple NPT for connection at the top of the DME/ADS-B antenna. The power connector at the bottom of the antenna base is MS3112E-8-3P. We use a 20 GA 3 wire 600V shielded cable on the inside of the antenna.

Size: 15.54" L x 5.79" W x 14.14" H, @ 16.1 lbs.

P/N: 860-1R01-002          (120 VAC) Cert FAA
P/N: 860-6R01-002          (120 VAC) Cert TC
P/N: 860-1R02-002          (240 VAC) Cert --
P/N: 860-1R02-002-EU   (240 VAC) Cert Eur Ver.

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