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350 Glide Slope Antenna

350 Glide Slope Antenna

Part Number: 350300-100

350 Glide Slope Antenna
dBs 350

The dBs 350 Glide Slope antenna is a Uni-Directional Corner Reflector antenna.  It is used as part of a Glide Slope system.  The system provides glide slope landing information for all appropriately equipped aircraft within 10 nmi or less, depending on terrain, from the Glide Slope system.

The antenna is horizontally polarized and provides 23º Nominal Half Power Beam Width (HPBW). The vertical coverage is 80º Nominal HPBW, with a front to back ratio ≥ 16 dB.

The elevation pattern of each antenna in the system is formed with the use of a corner reflector and three horizontally polarized dipoles in front of the reflector.

The antenna is horizontally polarized. (Vertical component ≥ 25 dB below horizontal component). It is specifically designed to operate at 332 MHz ± 4 MHz.  Each Glide Slope antenna has its own RF input connector as well as its own RF monitor port which couples input RF power at a level 10 dB down from the input level.

The antenna requires no tuning or adjustments and utilizes three, horizontally polarized, collinear dipoles to form the Glide Slope array. Peak power handling capability is ≤ 50 watts continuous wave (CW) main beam gain is ≥ 10 dB.  The electrical center is normal to and centered within the reflector face. Type N female coaxial receptacles are used for all RF interfaces. RF input is 50 Ω and VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio) is ≤ 1.25:1 from 328 MHz to 336 MHz.  The antenna VSWR is extremely sensitive to surrounding objects and reflections.  When attempting to measure the main input port VSWR, make sure the antenna is in an area which minimizes reflections.