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510A-D/90° HPBW, Uni-Directional Antenna

510A-D/90° HPBW, Uni-Directional Antenna

Part Number: 510300-101

dBs 510A-D/90°

The dBs 510A-D is an 8 element, high performance, full service, all band, uni-directional, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) antenna.

This uni-directional antenna has 8 active elements and other components, which produce high main lobe and horizon gain with wide beam width.

The antenna is lightweight, small, and 100% metal tubular construction, making it extremely rugged and lightning rod compatible. Optional pipe adapter permits attachment of the antenna to a 4″ O.D. pipe and optional plate adapter.

Two monitor probes are provided.

All 3 RF connectors use Type N jacks.

It is interoperable with lightning rod assembly and/or dual obstruction lights.

The model dBs 510A-D ADS-B antenna has been designed for ruggedness, lightweight, minimum size, long life, and in accordance with FAA-E-2754 and FAA-G-2100. It also exceeds the requirements of the UK CAA specification.