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950ET Tactical ESCAN All-Band TACAN Antenna

950ET Tactical ESCAN All-Band TACAN Antenna

Part Number: 950300-100

dBs 950ET Unique modulation technique provides unusually high efficiency

  • Vertical gain pattern (typically > 8 dBi) optimized for distant aircraft
  • Kevlar with Rohacell foam core composite radome structure provides superior strength while maintaining light weight
  • Innovative mechanical design supports easy field maintenance
  • COTS FAA flight-tested technology
  • Lightweight, low cube, and ruggedized design supports easy deployment and transportability with a weight under 100 lbs.
  • The 950ET electronically scanned TACAN antenna is a state-of-the-art design that features high efficiency (low internal RF loss), high gain at low elevation angles, and very low gain below the horizon, resulting in exceptional coverage performance at sites with long cable runs or difficult terrain.

Designed as a tactical, transportable, deployable version of the dBs 900E (the FAA flight tested antenna chosen by the United States Air Force to replace the existing 120 USAF TACAN installations worldwide), the dBs 950ET offers many of the advantages of a tall aperture antenna in a lightweight package. The 950ET TACAN Antenna offers improved reliability, ease of field maintenance, and required substantially less power to operate than previous TACAN Antennas. In addition, the dBs 950ET is an all-frequency antenna. Meaning, the dBs 950ET operates on all DME/TACAN channels without tuning or adjustment.

Built in Test (BIT) assures the user that all antenna electronics are fully functional (which by itself is an excellent indicator of the overall RF pattern health of the antenna). The 950ET antenna has been sold to various international customers and has been used in both Fixed-Base and Mobile/Tactical installations.

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