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AS-4502/T TACAN Antenna

AS-4502/T TACAN Antenna

Part Number: 710001-10X

dBs AS-4502/T

The dBs AS-4502/T all-band antenna has been adapted to the TACAN Navigation Set AN/TRN-41 to allow instantaneous operation on any of the 252 X and Y mode TACAN channels. The AS-4502/T antenna is the world’s smallest, lightest, most versatile, full-service TACAN antenna in use today. It is completely man-portable and air-droppable for immediate deployment.

• This mechanically-rotating, direct-drive antenna provides all-band capability through the use of broadband radio frequency elements.

• The all-band antenna acts as both a receiving and transmitting antenna, radiating bearing, distance, and station identification signals to TACAN transponder-equipped aircraft.

• As a receiving antenna, it receives TACAN interrogation signals from aircraft and sends them to the ground beacon receiver-transmitter for processing.

• The dBs AS-4502/T antenna is 12″ high and 30″ in diameter.

• The Az. Monitor is 11″ x 11″ x 4″.

• The dBs AS-4502/T antenna will work anywhere from -54° C to +71° C, 0% to 95% relative humidity, and from 0 to 13,100 ft. above sea level.

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