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300A High Strength Glide Slope Antenna

300A High Strength Glide Slope Antenna

Part Number: 300300-109

dBs 300A High Strength

  • High Strength premium performance Glide Slope (Path) antenna
  • The high strength corner reflector uses thicker angle pieces and has two rivets at each joint – making this Glide Slope Antenna option the optimal version for extreme wind locations
  • Delivers consistent, phase stable RF signal in the world’s most severe locations.
  • This antenna is FAA approved, and certified for use in all CAT I/II/III Instrument Landing Systems (ILS).
  • Each antenna is phase matched and tested to meet the current FAA standards for low ceiling and limited visibility landings.
  • The dBs 300A has a removable dipole channel assembly. This feature minimizes the need for adjustment following antenna replacement, as the corner reflector assembly can remain in place on the tower while the channel assembly is removed and replaced.
  • When used with the appropriate transmitter system, the dBs 300A High Strength antenna transmits specially formed radio frequency (RF) beams in the frequency range of 328 to 336 MHz.
  • Aircraft equipped with the proper airborne receiving equipment can follow the glide slope signal, provided by the dBs 300A High Strength antenna and can lock on and follow appropriate descent angle safely down to the runway.
  • The High Strength Glide Slope Antenna consists of three collinear dipoles mounted in front of a high strength 90-degree corner reflector, which form the shaped horizontal and vertical patterns of the antenna.
  • The RF input (J1) and the monitor output (J2) connectors are both Type N female receptacles.

The High Strength Glide Slope antenna includes a temperature stabilized RF Distribution System, individual antenna element integral monitors, and a monitor combining device which provides a single monitor output. The entire RF Distribution System, as well as the integral monitor, are constructed using phase stable, semi-rigid coaxial cable which provides less sensitivity to environmental changes.

Glide Slope Support Bracket (P/N 300500-100) Optional Position Adjusting Mounting Bracket: Allows ~18 inches of continuous adjustment of the antenna’s physical position in the vertical and horizontal axis.

dB Systems Inc. offers Glide Slope repair and Glide Slope refurbishment at our facility. Contact us for a quotation.