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Repair and Refurbishment

dB Systems Inc. is capable of repairing and refurbishing our entire catalog of antennas and optional equipment. Each service is approached with great attention to detail and undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance.


Refurbishment Capabilities

• Sandblasting and new paint or powder coat

• LRU and CCA evaluation and repair to the component level

• In-house conformal coat and paint booth

• Fiberglass repair

• In-House welding

• J-STD Class III certified soldering technicians

• Strict ESD protocols in place and observed

• Environmental Chamber

○ Heat Testing

○ Cold Testing

○ Ice Testing

○ Humidity Testing

• RF Testing of Antennas

• Extended burn-ins for motor and balancing


Once we receive the antenna, we begin with a visual inspection and test for functionality. Next, we document the condition of each component during disassembly. Each part is carefully checked for damage and functionality. If applicable, we also complete test procedures for electronics and radio frequency. An evaluation is written after all issues have been identified. If repair is required, the evaluation will include a diagnosis, a recommendation, and an itemized list of the costs to repair. If refurbishment is required, the evaluation includes recommendations and an itemized list of the costs to refurbish. The evaluation fee will be credited towards the cost of any services selected.


After an antenna has been repaired or refurbished, the next step is for the Quality Assurance department to perform an audit and inspection. We will not ship an antenna until Quality Assurance has authorized shipment. dB Systems is ISO 9001:2015 certified to produce the highest quality and most reliable products.


Failures in the TACAN 900 series antennas are approached on a case-by-case basis and may not warrant return shipment due to their large size. These antennas are designed with Built-in Tests (BIT), and we also have the ability to initiate diagnostic tests to evaluate failures remotely. A comprehensive failure analysis report is then prepared. Suspected components can be removed and shipped back to dB Systems for further diagnosis. Trained technicians and engineers are available to restore the antenna in the field, if necessary.


Repaired and refurbished antennas have a one-year warranty from ship date. We can offer this warranty because of our thorough analysis and step-by-step process to restore each antenna we receive back to factory condition.

To schedule any of our facilities please contact our factory for pricing and details.