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900E Lightning Arrester Assembly, with Support Arms

900E Lightning Arrester Assembly, with Support Arms

Part Number: 901259-101

Lightning Arrester Assembly, with Support Arms is shown mounted to dBs 900E TACAN Antenna

dB Systems’ unique approach to lightning protection, and more importantly, lightning diversion.

A cantilevered Lightning Arrester is stabilized by two support arms and affixed with an air terminal of a height sufficient to provide a 45° cone of protection which surrounds the 900E TACAN Antenna.

Reduces the likelihood of a direct lightning strike by leeching the charge out of the air in and around the vicinity of the antenna through a low impedance path to the ground.

Reducing the positively charged particles in the air surrounding the antenna dramatically reduces the probability that CG (cloud-to-ground) lightning will be drawn to the protected area surrounding the antenna when the building charge in the clouds has reached a point where discharge is imminent.

In the event of a lightning strike, the dBs cantilevered approach allows a path for the lightning that is not directed through the body of the antenna where the parasitic elements, which are largely responsible for the generation of the TACAN modulated waveshape, are housed.

Approximately 3.4 million operational hours over 140 installations, with only 3 known or suspected lightning incidents. All systems were self-diagnosed by the built in test equipment, appropriate LRUs were replaced, and systems were back online in 24 hours.

Lightning Arrester with Obstruction Light Option (PN: 901259-102): Dual red lamp or LED obstruction light fixture with two red globe covers. Mounts to the top of the Lightning Arrester and comes with a bracket to offset the Lower and Upper Air Terminal. Power connector is MS3112E8-3P.