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AS-3240A TACAN Antenna

AS-3240A TACAN Antenna

Part Number: 2619536G00X

dBs AS-3240A


  • Solid-state, high-performance, electronically-scanned, all band TACAN antenna, complete with integral monitoring and built-in fault isolation capability
  • Honeycomb sandwich structure composite Radome for reduced weight while maintaining structural integrity
  • COTS FAA flight-tested technology
  • All active elements and electronics employ a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) ideology
  • This antenna meets or exceeds all requirements in MIL-A-29505

Designed for shipboard applications, the AS-3240A antenna has been used by the US Navy for more than 35 years and is currently used by more than 25 navies around the world. Configuration is adaptable for fixed, land-based TACAN systems. LRU ideology allows for ease of field maintenance. This all-band TACAN antenna works across the TACAN Band, all 252 channels, without the need for fine-tuning or adjustment.

Built in Test (BIT) assures the user that the antenna electronics are fully functional. The AS-3240A has been sold to various international customers and militaries.

dB Systems Inc. is the leader in spare parts, repair and overhaul, and RF testing for the AS-3240 and AS-3240A antennas. dBs has been under contract with the US Navy for almost 10 years to test units before deployment and diagnose and repair faulted units.

dB Systems Inc. offers TACAN repair and TACAN refurbishment at our facility. Contact us for a quotation.