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Dust Cover, 900E

Dust Cover, 900E

Part Number: 901225-10X

Dust Cover, 900E


This optional item is used to protect the 900E Antenna electronics area from dust, dirt, or any other types of FOD. The black HDPE clamshell portion serves as a cable clamp and can be made to support any custom cable configuration.

Made of T6-6061 grade aluminum, alodined to prevent premature corrosion, and gasketed to prevent leakage, this product is especially recommended on sites where a TACAN only installation exists or sites where the underside of the antenna may be exposed.

Net Size and Weight: 19.00” Diameter x 9.00” H, ~14.5 lbs.

Gross Size and Weight: 22.00” L x 22.00” W x 12.00” H, ~18.5 lbs.

DescriptionPart Number
Dust Cover901225-100
Dust Cover, LMR600 Version901225-103
Dust Cover, Ob Light Version901225-105
Dust Cover, LMR600 Version w/ Ob Light901225-106
Dust Cover, 2 Slots901225-107
Dust Cover Assy, 6 Up901225-108
Dust Cover, FAA Version901225-109