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Statement of Warranty

In the event the items received are found to be defective to the guidelines listed below, please contact dB Systems Inc. at (435) 635-3352 or located at dB Systems Inc, 2501 S. Antenna Ave, Hurricane, Utah, 84737, USA.

1) dB Systems Inc. warrants that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship and that, if properly used, they will perform in accordance with their applicable specifications for a period of 12 months from delivery to buyer’s customer.  Any product that dB Systems, Inc. finds not to meet the warranty will be repaired or replaced without charge as described below, except for components that have given normal service.  dB Systems, Inc. makes no warranty concerning components or accessories manufactured by any other entity.  However, in the event of failure of such a part, dB Systems, Inc. will give responsible assistance to the purchaser in obtaining from the manufacturer whatever adjustment is reasonable in light of the manufacturer’s own warranty.

2) This warranty is void under the following circumstances:

a) If the products have been partially or completely disassembled, or if any attempt has been made to disassemble them prior to their return to dB Systems Inc., or

b) If the products have been improperly used, either electrically or mechanically, or

c) If the products have been damaged by the carrier (unless dB Systems, Inc. has assumed responsibility for safe delivery to the first destination); or

d) Acts of Mother Nature, such as lightning, fire, flood, earthquake, etc.; or

e) If the products have not been properly stored between date of delivery and time of installation. Proper storage procedures must be followed to ensure validity of warranty terms. At minimum: Store materials indoors, if feasible. Store materials on paved or impervious surfaces. Protect materials stored outside from rainfall and wind dispersal. Protect materials stored outside  from storm water run-on.

3) No product will be accepted for repair or replacement consideration unless dB Systems, Inc. has consented to the return prior to shipment, and has assigned an authorization number to be marked on the shipping papers. Any claim of warranty must be accompanied by the purchaser’s complete rejection report supporting test data, and photographs (if available).

4) All such products returned will be evaluated by our technical and quality assurance staff. A fee will be charged to cover the cost of such evaluation if the evaluation shows that the products meet their electrical and mechanical specifications and/or are defective for reasons not covered by this warranty.

5) Transportation charges for products returned to dB Systems, Inc. are to be pre-paid to the dB Systems factory or, if directed by dB Systems, Inc., to the sister or parent company of dB Systems, Inc. in the USA. dB Systems will bear the transportation charges to return repaired or replaced products covered by this warranty.

6) This warranty does not obligate dB Systems, Inc. to evaluate, inspect, test, replace, or correct its products in place in the field, but dB Systems, Inc. may elect to correct the product in place.

7) This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other warranties of merchantability, fitness for purpose, and of any other type, whether express or implied.  In no event shall dB Systems Inc. be liable for consequential damages, nor shall dB Systems, Inc.’s liability on any claims for damages arising out of, or connected with, the sales contract of the manufacturer, sale, and delivery or the use of the products exceed the purchase price of the products.