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Why We Do What We Do

A legacy of expertise

dB Systems was built on decades of experience in the NAVAID world extending back to the 1950s when the original TACAN antenna patent assignee, Sidney Pickles (mentor of dB Systems’ co-founder) worked at ITT New Jersey.

About Our Expertise

dB Systems Inc. (dBs) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified industry-leading small business that designs, tests, and manufactures high-quality, fully-compliant, low-cost antennas used in terminal aircraft navigation and landing. dBs was founded more than 33 years ago with the goal of providing antennas for globally safe air navigation.

dBs helps the world’s free militaries and aviation agencies safely control, navigate, and land aircraft with the highest accuracy antennas available. Our expertise in these high-tech antennas includes TACAN, DME, IFF/SLS, Glide Slope, Localizer, EPOL VDB, ADS-B/UAT, Multilateration, GPS, and CD/FTS.

dBs stays at the forefront of technology and we are committed to keeping our systems up to date as technology develops. We are directly connected to our customers at periodic and frequent intervals, in addition to an encouraged open communication policy. Our customers’ needs are important to us; if it can be done, we can and will always find a way to outfit the system with the features our customers require or request.

dBs assures compliance to delivered products by providing our Quality Manager the authority to override every employee, when deemed necessary, save the CEO and CFO. dBs is ISO 9001 certified and supports the highest internal management structure and quality standards. Customers and vendors are provided direct access to top management (CEO, CFO, and Quality Manager) when desired.

Our Capabilities

dB Systems has 43,000 square feet of operating space for undertaking spacious restoration tasks. In addition, we operate a Free Space RF Test Range with TACAN capabilities (adjustable from 40 ft. - 200 ft.), as well as an indoor anechoic chamber (80 ft.)

Our Warranty

Engineering We Stand By

dB Systems Inc. warrants all equipment manufactured by it to be free from defects in material and workmanship, provided the equipment is operated under normal ratings and service for which it was intended. The obligations of the company shall be limited…

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Our Customers